After spending my summers as a child on the beach in San Clemente with my grandparents, I couldn’t help but move back to my own little paradise as an adult. I’ve lived in a variety of places, both stateside and internationally, and what amazes me is that no matter where I go, the worldwide organization of the Relief Society is always comprised of faith-filled, loving, compassionate, service-oriented women who strive to uplift those around them. Being a member of the Relief Society has always brought me peace, joy and purpose wherever I may be. I work at a law-firm by day, as a wedding florist on the weekends, and am trying to enjoy the beauty of my mid-twenties. I love interior and floral design, SCUBA diving, reading, basketball, traditional hand-made book binding, traveling and experiencing new cultures, peoples and foods – and I am a member of the Relief Society in San Clemente, California.