The cooking class on Saturday, March 19th was a hit with all that attended! Here’s a review written by Dana Wettengel who attended the class:

The San Clemente Stake’s food storage cooking class was awesome! The purpose was to teach us how to use our food storage, this month focusing on wheat. I learned the different ways to prepare and cook with red or white wheat. There were salads, bread, and even cookies! President Reese showed us how to make wheat bread from your own fresh ground wheat. Having worked in a bakery, he let us in on some great tips. After the presentations, we were able to sample a few dishes…delicious! The class was very informative, I learned many things I had never known. I came away very inspired to update my food storage and to actually use it. Having been given this little taste of all there is to know about canning and home storage, I’m anxious to attend the upcoming classes!



On Sat. May 7th there was was a wonderfully fun and informative class about cooking with pinto and white beans. Who knew there was so much you can do with beans! Jennifer Hendrickson taught us how to make the most fabulous homemade refried beans and how to make a white bean “butter” to use as a substitute for the real thing in cookies and other baked goods. We sampled delicious chocolate chip cookies made with white bean “butter”, white bean buschetta, red velvet cake with bean “butter”, the best bean and bacon soup I have ever tasted and white bean hummus.  Abby Rolands taught us briefly about pressure canning and we are hoping to have her teach a more in depth class in the future. She’s amazing!


On Oct 29, there was an Emergency Food Storage Class taught by Nancy Sutherland on the MANY uses of powdered milk in our every day cooking was outstanding. We all learned so much!

In addition to the wonderful information about powdered milk and the delicious samples, we also learned about so many interesting and exciting water purification products that are being made available to us at a seriously reduced price! Please keep checking our website, for details on these other products.  They will make wonderful stocking stuffers and gifts — for our married children, especially!  You can order food and other items under the “Order Food and Other Items” section of our website.

Here’s a fun video with highlights of the class: Click HERE


Our December 1st cooking class was a hit! Following is a review by Leanne Anderson:

These food storage cooking classes are fabulous! I am so grateful to the stake leaders who were so inspired to make becoming better prepared so easy. I started going last Spring/Summer for the wheat class. I loved being taught to make whole wheat bread by our stake president.

I have gone home from each class with many recipes to use either now so I can rotate my food storage or if I’d rather – save the recipes for later if and when there is a desparate need to start opening those cans. At every class we’ve had the chance to taste many dishes so we know what this stored food actually tastes like. But more importantly that this stored food can taste delicious when you know how to cook it.

Nancy Sutherland (our Stake Preparedness Specialist) has taken things a step further by researching each food and sharing with the class why we need the nourishment found in them and even the history of the food item. We are also presented with resources for other preparedness items. Last month she shared with us a lot of information about storing water and making that water safe. We now have the ability to not only order the already canned food items on but we can now also order many kinds of water filtration bottles and water storage barrels at HUGELY reduced prices and so easily. This company is selling everything to church members at 50% of retail. And these are quality filtration units – the very units every LDS missionary takes with him/or her if they’re headed for a third world country.

At last night’s class we learned about onions and potatoes. I think we were all a little surprised to learn that both have a good amount of Vitamin C (prevents scurvy) and potatoes have about half as much protein in them as milk along with high potassium. We learned how to rehydrate and tasted dishes from cookies, mashed potatoes, and French Onion Soup all made with potatoes and/or onions. Nancy also shared ideas and resources for 72-hour kits. A great Christmas gift idea!

I love these classes and won’t miss any of them if it’s at all possible for me to be there. I highly recommend them to everyone. And bring your neighbors/family/friends/co-workers. The more of us that are prepared the better off our entire community will be.

“Be Prepared” is not only a the Boy Scout Motto – personal and family preparedness is also the foundation of the Church Welfare Program. Personal and family preparedness is living the gospel. (L. Tom Perry April 1981 Address)