Being on bed rest isn’t easy, especially with 4 other little ones running around. At a time when I was unable to take care of my family the way I needed to, the Relief Society strengthened me. The women brought us much appreciated dinners. After I had our baby, they brought us meals again! Flowers and gifts were left on my doorstep, a Relief Society member’s daughter volunteered to come in and help around the house. I was overwhelmed with the love and complete selfless service given to me by the Relief Society.  One of my favorite hymns from our Church’s hymnbook says,  “The errand of angels is given to women…we’ll build up his kingdom with earnest endeavor, we’ll comfort the weary and strengthen the weak”. Women in the Relief Society take this errand to heart and sincerely and selflessly offer good works wherever they see the need. With 5 children, ages 8 years down to 2 months, my days are filled with diapers, toys, messes, and wonderful chaos. The Relief Society gives me support and love. I am truly grateful to be a member of an organization that blesses so many and gives me the opportunity to do the same.