The San Clemente Stake Emergency Preparedness Expo was deemed a great success by all who participated.  We had more than 700 attendees representing members of the Church as well as many, many community members.  The exhibitors were pleased to have handed out so much information regarding their contributions to our community’s emergency preparedness and many are ready to sign up to have a place at our NEXT Expo!  The children really enjoyed being able to learn about the fire trucks, Coast Guard vehicles, ambulance and police cars.  CampingMAXX had equipment displayed for helping to be prepared, emergency shelter, cooking, food supplies, etc., and all in all there was a lot of information and products to help each of us be more prepared.  The task now will be to put all that information into action so our community will truly be prepared.  Rick Wilson, of the California Geological Survey, a keynote speaker said, “There is a 100% chance that we WILL experience a major earthquake in the next 30 years.”  It may come tomorrow or 30 years from now, but it will happen.”  So, although this was a very fun event, there is a sense of urgency conveyed for us to take to heart the information and prepare our families.”  Classes will resume on November 10th at the SCSC Kitchen, from 9:30 to 11:00 am on how to use macaroni and pinto beans and we will have a guest speaker teaching us about emergency shelter and personal hygiene in an emergency.

HERE is a link to an article written in the OC Register about the event