This is a worldwide sisterhood. There are approximately 6 milion sisters in Relief Society. Since its organization on March 17, 1842, Relief Society has spread throughout the world into nearly 170 countries.

As sisters in Relief Society today, we have a rich and faithful heritage. More than 165 years have passed since the Prophet Joseph Smith met with a small group in Nauvoo, Illinois, to organize the women of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We now number over five and a half million Relief Society sisters in 170 countries across the earth. Like those who preceded us, we stand today united in faith, steadfast in following the living prophet, and committed to building the kingdom of God.

Those founding sisters came from different circumstances—three of them were in their late teens, some were raising families, and others were single. Then and now, as women of all ages, marital statuses, and cultures, we consecrate ourselves to the cause of Christ through our service.