Let’s Talk — Women’s Conference

The San Clemente Stake’s Relief Society Women’s Conference was held May 30th 2015.

The sisters of the San Clemente stake met together on Saturday morning, May 30th and discussed different aspects of personal communication. With the theme “Let’s Talk” there were three classes to choose from that covered communication in our most important relationships.

Christine Jolley, from LDS family services, spoke about ways to improve communication with our spouse.

Kristen Murray,  who has left us for another stake, talked about communicating with our children.

Our own Emily Galland shared ways to improve our sacred communication with our Heavenly Father.

After the classes we had a delicious lunch that was prepared by many hands. We are very grateful for all the sisters that stepped in and helped – we couldn’t have done it without them!

After the lunch the keynote speaker was our own Brother Jordan Turner. He brought it altogether with his wisdom and expertise. It was wonderful being together with so many of the sisters in our stake and to see the love and friendship there is between us. The gospel blesses us with a strong and special bond.

A great big thank you to all the sisters and the priesthood holders that put so much of their time and energy and talents into making this such a meaningful event. We would also like to thank Lindsay Watson for bringing us a Special Musical Number: “Because You Prayed For Me”— accompanied by Laura Tate.