My name is Heidi.  When I think of things that I could list when asked to describe myself, I am always stopped short. What makes me unique? What makes me, ME? I love to read biographies because I secretly search for what makes each person an individual.

I was the only woman on this earth that my husband chose to love for almost 37 years. I am a mother and a grandmother. You may be a mother too, but what makes me unique is I am the mother of Rhett, Trevor, Burk and Trey.

I grew up in Newport Beach, CA and am a daughter, but only I am the third daughter of Kendall and Barbara Everson, the finest parents that ever lived.  I am a cellist, a teacher at church, an oil painter, and a computer geek.  Others may be blessed with all those talents and more, but certainly I share my diverse gifts with others in ways that are uniquely me.

I have a son with a rare genetic disorder called Osteogenesis Imperfecta or “Brittle Bone Disease”. You may have a child with a disability but I am the only woman who took what I learned about mothering my son and wrote the first book on the subject directed to parents.  Others have walked a similar road, but my son and I share a matchless 28-year bond that is totally unique and sacred.

I am grateful for the invaluable strength and knowledge I gain from the sisterhood found in the Relief Society women’s organization. My individuality comes to me through personal prayer, my experiences in serving others, and a still small voice that whispers in my heart and my ear that I am a unique and choice daughter of God.