My name is Kathy. I joined the Relief Society as a new bride back in 1962. I was young
and very inexperienced. I was so grateful for the companionship of the other young
married women and especially some of the older women who took an interest in me. I
was also grateful for the lessons on cooking and how to manage a household and deal
with the challenges of being a mother and wife. Relief Society also taught me the joy
of service to others. Many years have passed since then. I graduated from college and
became a Registered Nurse. I was able to work 1-2 days a week as we raised our 6
children. I loved being involved with their schools, sports, friends and activities. We
now have quite a few grandchildren and my husband is retired. I still work 1-2 days a
week in addition to volunteering in the community and our church. I teach first aid and
CPR to anyone who will listen. My husband and I recently completed our CERT training
with the city of San Juan Capistrano so that we will be prepared in case of a community
disaster. Relief Society continues to be a big part of my life and I am thankful for all
my “sisters” and the things they continue to teach me about living.