Being a single woman out in the world, it can be challenging to find others that inspire me to be my best self.  I feel extremely lucky to be involved with a group of women that are dedicated to essentially helping each other reach their potential.  As a young girl I saw the women of The Relief Society as great inspiration.  They were the best moms, the most supportive wives, the most dee-lish cooks, and always managed to have a smile on their face as they went about serving.  I know now that life has plenty of ups and downs, but these women taught me by example that you can make the best of it, and be happy doing it.  Now as an adult, I love being a part of the Relief Society and having the opportunity to associate with these great women.  They are my peers and my own support group.  My personal burdens aren’t quite as heavy to bear because I have these friends to carry them with me.  I am always encouraged to be better than I am as I watch in amazement the love and service that my friends are continually offering.  I’m of the mindset that if you are around greatness you will eventually one day become great.  The Relief Society is overflowing with great women.  I get to associate with them daily.  I can hardly wait for their greatness to rub off on me!!